Planning Your Photo Day


On each day we will:

  • Photograph all students (studio/outside) as indicated on each order envelope
  • Photograph all Classes, Teams, and Groups as indicated by your school
  • Photograph siblings/friends as indicated on order envelopes

Your school will receive:

  • A portfolio containing an enlargement of each class, sporting team or group photographed
  • High and low res digital images of every student photographed sent via email, together with all groups and classes
  • Each class receives an additional class image for the teacher or to display in their class
  • A professionally framed Year 6 enlargement or whole school (for smaller schools) to display in your school
  • An image of all staff photographed as a group and/or individually as desired by school
  • A copy of our Working with Children's Checks


What we ask of your school:

  • We like to utilise what is in your playground where possible
  • Supply us an indoor space suitable for us to set up a studio. eg: Library or Hall or light and airy class room
  • An outdoor space close to the studio for all our Montage outside photos
  • A suitably responsible runner/staff member who can work will us and fulfil your obligation of Duty of Care for the students

Planning Your Photo Day

Preschool and Childcare Centres

When we arrive at your Centre:

  • Collect all order envelopes.
  • Set up our locations for the day in your yard/verandah/room
  • We prefer to photograph preschool age children in their playground while toddlers and babies are better suited in a stylish studio setting
  • Photograph children as indicated on each order envelope (Please note: Only children with an order envelope will be photographed) 
  • Photograph classes as discussed with your school (composite or group)
  • Photograph siblings/friends as indicated on order envelopes
  • Photograph all staff individually and/or as a group

What we ask of your Centre:

  • Suitable location for us to work in
  • A staff member to be with us for the duration of photo day
  • While we are working with the children in your yard we ask that all other children remain inside

What your Centre receives:

When we return children's photo orders to you, your box will contain:

  • A letter outlining what is in the box
  • Envelopes for parents who required change
  • Envelopes for parents of children who were absent
  • All children's orders individually labelled and packaged
  • Staff photographs
  • Enlargements of each class photographed